Hands That Heal By Kathleen

Kathleen Wall has been a source of great inspiration to many, bringing a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to her clients through her grounded awareness. Read her glowing testimonials. She uses a sincere and gentle attitude integrating technique with heart.

"For over 10 years I have placed my physical well-being in the capable hands of Kathleen Wall. Whether it has been a frozen shoulder (the result of a vehicle accident) a bruised body and ego from a slip on an icy sidewalk or the after effects of a four-wheeler accident (which resulted in 5 broken ribs). Kathleen has been who I turn to for relief and a return to a healed and healthy body. Her massage techniques have relieved pain and restored balance to my system. I believe strongly in her techniques and trust her expertise. My husband has also experienced stress relief through a regular series of massage therapy that has aided in his continued well-being. Confidence, trust and a sense of good health are the benefits we both reap from our continued patronage of Still Point Center."

- Maureen Avery

"Hands That Heal By Kathleen "... it's the perfect name for her business. I have worked with Kathleen for several years and she has helped me heal both physically and mentally. She has such a gift to sense a client's pain and work to ease or take that pain away. In my most recent experience with Kathleen, I used her to prepare for total knee replacement surgery. She helped ease the chronic pain that I had before deciding to have the surgery. Before the surgery, I increased my strength both physically and mentally through my experience in Still Point Center's Yoga classes. Post surgery, Kathleen worked extensively with me using orthobionomy and Thai Yoga Massage techniques to reduce swelling, increase joint flexibility, and enhance the healing process. Because of my treatments from Kathleen, my knee is pain free, I am more active than I have been in years and I am completely off all types of prescribed anti-inflammatory medication."

- Connie Mancillas

"Kathleen is one of the most gifted therapists I know. She puts together an eclectic mix of approaches to bodywork. In her sensitive hands, Orthobionomy works wonders. I have had treatments by Kathleen for four years and have been amazed at the immediate reduction of pain in a twisted knee, a hot sciatic nerve and a rebuilt shoulder. I have been so impressed that I frequently use Orthobionomy techniques in my chiropractic practice. Experience Kathleen's incredible treatments and feel a whole new way."

- Dr. Judith C. Ritter, D.C.

“When you’ve had a session with Kathleen you will come to realize that you’ve been touched by the most gifted practitioner of therapeutic body work in Nevada. During a single session it is not uncommon for Kathleen to employ a variety of therapeutic modalities depending on the feedback she’s receiving from your body. It is this ability to use different techniques as the situation dictates that sets Kathleen atop the therapeutic body work world. I highly recommend that you treat yourself to this incredible experience. Call her! You’ll be glad you did!”

– Richard T. Lopez, Sun City Anthem

“I sustained an injury about two years ago and a friend made me an appointment with Kathleen Wall. Within the first 60 minutes my pain was gone and in the ensuing months I feel better, walk better and am able to work effectively doing the things I love. Kathleen understands the interactions of the body’s systems and with her help and guidance I believe anyone’s life will be improved.”

– Mary Ellen, Green Valley

"For many years, Kathleen has worked with my wife, daughter and I and in doing so has become part of our overall healthy living plan. As a result, after I underwent full knee replacement surgery Kathleen and I began a series of treatments that included Ortho-Bionomy, massage and stretching techniques. By any technical measure (flexibility, strength, mobility, aesthetics) my recovery was and continues to be amazing. These benefits were achieved very quickly and allowed me to return to all of my normal activities within 3 months. During my recovery I had the opportunity to do the standard physical therapy rehabilitation with other individuals who received the same surgical procedure in the same timeframe. We constantly compared notes on progress and issues. In my judgment my recovery has been superior to that of my fellow patients. The incorporation of Kathleen’s work into my rehab process greatly improved both the speed and quality of my recovery. Kathleen and I agreed that our goal was to make me aware of the new knee. We have achieved that goal… the new knee has become a part of me.”

– Tom War, Green Valley

“We have a hidden jewel here in Boulder City. Her name is Kathleen Wall of Hands That Heal by Kathleen. Kathleen has an inate ability to zero in on all pain and discomfort within the body. After questioning her clients about how they are feeling, she deftly uncovers the areas needing special attention and swiftly releases any pain and tension. Monthly visits have enabled me to remain flexible and have eliminated the neck and shoulder discomfort I was experiencing. She is a jewel.”

- Irene Whelan

“I was helping Kathy Wall with decorating at her new location, and she told me that if she could ever return the favor to please call her. Just a few days later, I broke my collarbone. By using her healing hands, Kathy was able to calm my inner spirit and help me to heal quicker. Unfortunately because I could not move my arm for several weeks, I ended up with adhesive capsulitis, or "frozen shoulder". I'd had this condition before, and underwent very painful physical therapy, followed by surgery when the therapy did not work. Not wanting surgery again, I turned to Kathy to work her magic. I was a skeptic at first, but Ortho-Bionomy really works, and it works without pain! I come out of my sessions stress free, with a heightened sense of well being. It's truly wonderful."

- Diane Brumberg

"Through a combination of healing massage and personal yoga lessons, Kathleen has played a major role in maintaining and improving my health for the past 15 years. She not only knows where it hurts and how to fix it, but she has also taught me how to take care of myself. As a result, I am more flexible, better balanced and well prepared to deal with the daily stresses of life. Kathleen has the rare gift of intuitive healing and an earnest desire to help everyone she touches."

– Linda Faiss

"It was January of 2008 and in this publication that I first saw an advertisement for Hands That Heal by Kathleen. After speaking to Kathleen I knew “Still Point Center” was the place for me. Over the past year Kathleen’s magic, healing hands have really been a relief for the tension in my neck and shoulders. Her expertise is evident as she relieves muscle tightness. Her knowledge of the body is vast. Overall, the benefits of my regular massage therapy have provided me with pain free movement and have allowed me to stay very active. Attending “Sacred Movement” yoga classes completes the circle towards a healthy lifestyle. Kathleen’s caring and calming manner along with her massage techniques help to make the appointment time the best hour of my month. It is a pleasure to enter through the doors of “Still Point Center.”

- Carole N., Henderson

"For several years I had enjoyed Kathleen’s talents as a massage therapist. Then this past fall I was diagnosed with breast cancer which required surgery followed with chemotherapy. I had several sessions with Kathleen after surgery and healing was fast. During the chemotherapy I was in sessions once or twice a week. Kathleen’s natural talents and her training in several therapeutic modalities made a huge difference in my preparing for and enduring the process. Each session was different depending on the feedback she would receive from my body at that time. Her knowledge and use of massage therapy, Ortho Bionomy, yoga stretching and Amethyst Crystal Bio Mat made a huge difference in my tolerance of the effects of chemotherapy. As a session started she knew just what was “out of sorts” and would bring it back into harmony and balance. Kathleen also taught me the importance of positive thoughts and being grateful for the processes that I was going through. Gratefulness for each process made me aware of the good that was part of my treatment not to be afraid of the process or to view it as bad or negative only. It helped a lot. I feel that Kathleen’s talents fit very well with modern medicine to bring healing and balance to one’s body. I highly recommend anyone to come make an appointment and enjoy the benefits."

- Shauna Christensen, Las Vegas

"I am a high school baseball coach in Boulder City, and I could not survive the season without going to see Kathleen Wall at Still Point Center. On a particular day at practice, and as many as 3 days a week, my coaches and I will throw up to 300 pitches each for batting practice. I am not as young as my assistant coaches, so I don’t recover as well as they do. I see Kathleen before the season, several times in season, and after the season for a deep muscle massage. She works over my whole sore body, and she especially helps my shoulders get through the season. Kathleen has taken the time to explain what I need to do on my own before and after workouts (between massages) to prepare my body and to help me recover. I have discovered that a good massage therapist can do wonders for an aching and active middle-aged man, and I strongly recommend Kathleen Wall at Still Point Center."

- Bill Strachan, Head Baseball Coach, Boulder City High School

"Who massages the Massage Therapists? I think this has been the most asked question over the past 14 years in my career as a Massage Therapist. I highly recommend Kathleen Wall and her wonderful Thai Massage. I remember my first session with Kathleen. I felt as if I had done a full body workout at the gym – except she did all the work! I remember lying there on her cozy mat thinking, “Now this is my kind of exercise!” I felt as though all my muscles and joints had been energized. It is amazing how much more we are able to move when another person is providing the assistance. The effect is relaxing as well as energizing. Thank you for being here Kathleen!"

- Gloria Bargiel

"I have been visiting Las Vegas once or twice a year for the last five years. When I travel, I use the internet to find a therapist who combines yoga and massage therapy. This strategy has worked well for me when traveling. The yoga sessions give the therapist valuable information on areas to focus on during the massage. This is how I found Kathleen Wall, five years ago. Now my travel plans to Las Vegas are incomplete until I schedule a session with Kathleen. A typical session starts with her sauna, which warms and relaxes the muscles while facilitating the release of toxins. Then to the shower, followed by floor work with Kathleen, blending yoga with Thai Yoga Therapy and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy techniques. I also receive Kathleen’s table work which smoothly combines various modalities of massage therapy with Orthobionomy. The end result is a therapy session with a seamless flow that is delightful as well as therapeutic. No two sessions have ever been the same; she always tailors the session to your needs at that present moment. It is a wonderful way to relieve jetlag and the aches and pains as well as the stress which often accompany modern travel."

- Bob McKay, M.D., Anesthesiologist, Certified Watsu Practitioner, Bristol, TN

"I have been a client of Kathleen’s for 8 years now. Her touch is unbelievable; she finds aches before I mention them. I cannot count the times she has fixed my mishaps. I began her yoga classes to improve my balance and correct foot placement. I haven’t slipped or fallen since. I highly recommend all of her services!"

- Julie Boyster, Events Unlimited

"Kathleen started helping me with my ongoing back problems in 1992. In the last 17 years I have seen her on a regular basis. My back is 100% better than in years past. A great deal of this success is due to Kathy. She is awesome and is highly recommended by me!"

- Jack Gaal, Gaal Contracting, Inc.

"I recently battled cancer and won... Kathleen was part of my healing team. Her calming touch made the difference for me... Love her!"

- Alan Stevens, Survivor

"Kathleen has been an integral part of my overall health. Kathleen has treated me for the effects of daily job-related stress. Later, she helped me through 2 major surgeries. Because of Kathleen’s ability to discern the right techniques I was able to recover more quickly than I would have with just regular physical therapy. Now, as I am beginning to feel the effects of age-related arthritis, Kathleen’s sensitive treatments allow me to have continued flexibility and freedom of movement. Her treatments, advice and encouragement are important to me and my well-being."

– Sandra Thomas

"I was referred to Kathleen by an excellent local physician who felt that gentle massage would be useful to me in addressing neck pain that had developed over the last six months. Little did I realize that Kathleen would not only be able to help me with the neck pain, but address other discomfort that had developed over a lifetime of bad habits related to posture and possible earlier injury. She systematically analyzed interrelated posture and stress patterns that totally explained a number of aches and pains that I had just attributed to the ravages of middle age. There were many “eureka” moments during the first couple of sessions when I became aware of these patterns. Her sessions were a combination of gentle acupressure and stretches. She has educated me in the things I need to do to help myself. My quality of life and sense of well being have increased immensely with Kathleen’s help. Kathleen is a skilled, intelligent, analytical, perceptive and practical expert. Combine that with her pleasant, thoughtful, upbeat personality and her relaxing, comfortable studio and it’s a great situation."

– Jean Compton