Kathleen Wall has been a source of great inspiration to many, bringing a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to her clients through her grounded awareness. Read her glowing testimonials. She uses a sincere and gentle attitude integrating technique with heart.

Since 1987 Kathleen has been developing sensitivity of touch by blending various massage and body work techniques, helping clients deepen their relationship to their bodies. Kathleen believes we all know intuitively that health touch transmits a true sense of caring and generates a form of nourishment that cannot be recaptured in any other manner or form.

Ortho-Bionomy® The Gentle Body Work

Ortho-Bionomy® honors the instinctive wisdom of the body, facilitating self healing to occur as the body remembers its natural ability to move away from pain or tension and towards ease.

Instead of trying to stretch a muscle that is tight, in Ortho-Bionomy® we compress into it, giving the body direct feedback that the muscle is “stuck” and allowing the muscle fibers to slide apart. More precisely, through positioning, gentle touch and focused compression, our proprioceptive reflexes at the joints and the stretch reflex in the muscles are activated. Since our bodies naturally seek balance and more efficient function, the system will self-correct once it becomes aware of the imbalance.

Access Bars

Thirty-two points on the head, which we call Bars, are where we store all thoughts – ideas, beliefs, considerations, emotions and attitudes that we think are important in our lives. When Bars are “run,” it’s like hitting the delete button on a computer. Running the Bars literally deletes certain thought files so that some of our thoughts are no longer in our life file, and they don’t automatically come up. Brain waves actually slow down when we have our Bars run, allowing behavioral patterns, belief patterns and points of view that we have been running from childhood to be accessed. Getting your Bars run literally changes the probability of future possibilities. Running the Bars is about learning to receive. You start to become more aware, more present in your life, and your past doesn’t project into the future in the same way. Bars Mantra – “All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory.”


Phoenix Rising Yoga

Kathleen is a student of Phoenix Rising Yoga. She is certified in Levels I and II and will continue her studies for Level III and full certification. Phoenix Rising Yoga is one of the fastest growing Yoga-based body-mind therapies. Phoenix Rising Yoga is a Yoga-based, client-centered form of body work within a safe, supportive environment. It allows you to explore the relationship between what’s happening in your body and what’s happening in your life. This can include a release of physical and emotional tension, leading to a better self-understanding. Non-directive dialogue gives you the opportunity to describe your experience as it’s happening.


Kathleen’s work now includes a blend of all of these techniques. Promoting life-long health, relaxation and vitality at Still Point Center, Kathleen believes these techniques will help you to explore and celebrate inner awareness, self-expression and powerful personal transformation. These are truly techniques for mind-body-spirit-emotions. Kathleen believes in creating and holding sacred space.