Balance and wholeness are our guiding principles at Still Point Center. You may choose to relax, restore or rejuvenate. Everyone’s health condition is in a constant state of change. Massage Therapeutic Body Work is a great tool to help you direct your overall health in a positive way. Making regular body work a part of your health plan can help your body do its job better, and a healthy body is a vital part of a happy life. Still Point Center is designed to help you choose great combinations of treatments.

Still Point Center encourages all of our guests to experience all types of Massage Therapeutic Body Work

In fact, our mission statement and moto is “promoting life-long health, relaxation and vitality.” Still Point Center’s commitment is changing lives through education, self-awareness and compassion. All of our clients’ information is kept completely confidential. Click here to learn more about our modalities, classes, special events, and skilled massage therapist, Kathleen Wall.

Step out of your daily routine and immerse yourself!

Still Point Center was created out of the desire to give back to the community, heart to heart. Still Point Center provides a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment for personal development and expansion through Massage Therapeutic Body Work and Yoga. Nourish your body and mind with one of our sessions by our skilled, experienced and caring massage therapist, Kathleen Wall.