Still Point Center is a solution provider. A place that supports health and wellness and provides a safe and healthy environment. A place that promotes de-stressing and relaxation. Still Point Center is dedicated to your service and well-being. We have the perfect answer that will guarantee a smile, the perfect gift for one's self, the gift that makes one feel good, and that nourishes self-esteem.

WHAT'S NEW! Check out our new Gentle Yoga Classes held every Monday at 12 noon at the Elaine Smith Center at the corner of Arizona and Utah streets.  These wonderful classes are taught by Kathleen Wall who donates her time as well as the class fees to Emergency Aid in order to assist the needy. The classes are taught on a pay-as-you-can basis and Kathleen provides mats and other props for the classes. Come join in the fun!

Your Center For Ultimate Massage Therapeutic Body Work

In just a few minutes you can relieve stress, increase alertness, reduce muscle tension and pain, renew energy and improve your outlook on life. This is time well spent at Still Point Center. Just minutes away… we invite you to take a vacation from yourself. Still Point Center promotes life-long health, relaxation and vitality. You and/or your guest will be pampered, refreshed and revitalized by our skilled therapist, Kathleen Wall. We are dedicated to providing a total custom package, designed just for you. Do you need a holiday re-energizer? A seasonal lift? An anti-aging motivator? Need a "feel fabulous about you" booster? Now is the time for all of these. Make this a holiday to remember, a vacation to savor, a weekend to talk about, all in Boulder City, Nevada. Massage Therapeutic Body Work sessions bring balance and restore calmness. Let us assist you. Still Point Center is the solution to help you replenish your energy level and simply relax and feel great. Trust your wellness and relaxation to us.

Step out of your daily routine and immerse yourself!

Get inspired and stay informed! Gift certificates are available at Still Point Center for you or for that special someone. Share the experience and benefits of Massage Therapeutic Body Work. What a perfect gift to show someone you care about them!

Refer a friend and receive a free gift!
At Still Point Center, we value our customers enough to give them free services. When your friends and acquaintances ask where you have your Massage Therapeutic Body Work done, encourage them to take advantage of the professional quality service they will receive from Still Point Center. In return, we will give you a $5 gift certificate, redeemable for any of our services at Still Point Center. You will be sharing a wonderful experience with someone you care about, and receiving benefits for yourself! The loyalty of our customers and their sharing of our services with others is the foundation that allows us to continue to expand our services and offer the high-quality services we know you have come to trust.

"The next great advance in the health of American people will not come from a hospital or laboratories, but from what people learn to do for themselves." - Dr. Norman Shealy, MD

"It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about?" - Henry David Thoreau

The Art of Taking Pause...
Take Pause and Pause Again...